Invariably when you divorce, separate or dissolve your civil partnership, your finances will need to be resolved.  That may mean considering the future of the family home, any jointly owned property or investments, pensions and maintenance payments.  Our lawyers at The Family Law Practice in Bristol can provide expert advice to help you resolve these issues, especially when there are complexities such as Trusts, inheritance, family loans or business assets.

Our advice is frequently recognised by our peers as being “pragmatic and commercial” and as a “firm who really know their stuff”.  In most instances, we should be able at our first meeting to provide you with an outline of what are likely to be the key issues in the financial process and perhaps more importantly, what to expect in terms of a likely settlement.  Depending upon your needs and personal circumstances, we shall guide you through all of the necessary stages and hopefully guide you towards a financial settlement or Consent Order.

We can also discuss with you the various options available, other than the court process – such as mediation, the collaborative process or arbitration.

Once the terms of your settlement have been agreed, our team at The Family Law Practice can provide you with assistance on drafting the relevant documentation and how to deal with the implementation of the Order, whether that’s dealing with the sale of a property or indeed implementing a Pension Sharing Order.

Our expert legal service will enable you to consider all options and to find a solution that is fair and the right outcome for you.

Please get in touch to speak with a member of our team and to discuss your situation either by completing our on-line enquiry form, or by telephoning us on +44 (0)117 925 9539.

We’ll be more than happy to help and have a chat, on a free no-obligation basis.

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